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Dairy Industry

The milk preservation process requires that the stainless milk tank be produced under all conditions required by legislation and sanitary supervision. The stainless milk tank ensures that the product is stored with the required qualities and delivered to milk and food companies in the required quality for consumption.

It is important to know that stainless milk tanks are versatile for numerous industrial applications. In fact, it is used a lot in many different segments. For example: in the cosmetics, hygiene and food industry it always brings more quality to the final product.

Tank Models:

The stainless milk tank is made as desired by the manufacturer, to meet the production needs. As usage areas; They are necessary products for making butter, cream, buttermilk, yogurt, cheese and ice cream.

Our products:

  • Milk Transport Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Separator
  • mixers
  • Milk Pasteurizers
  • Milk Homogenizers
  • Fermentation Tank

Our company manufactures all necessary equipment and machinery from the storage of milk and dairy products to the packaging process.