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Menc-Inox 50 Flexible Propeller Pumps

Working Principle

The working principle of the pumps is based on the movement of the flexible blades of the fan. One side of the body, in which the propeller rotates, is narrowed. At this point, the wings bend and the distance between the wings decreases. The wings open after passing the narrow part and this situation widens the suction range of the wings again. As a result, a vacuum is created in the space between the blades and the resulting vacuum ensures that the fluid is sucked towards the pump inlet. In the next stage, the fluid moves to the pump body by means of flexible impeller blades. When the wings reach the narrow part of the body, they bend again and the distance between the wings decreases again. The pressure created allows the liquid to be evacuated between the blades.


  • Propeller blades: It ensures that the fluid is transported into the pump precisely and the product leaves the pump at a constant speed.
  • The pump can vacuum from a distance of five meters.
  • The pump can be used for bidirectional purposes such as discharge and filling, without requiring manual intervention.
  • There is no problem of making air in the pump during product transfer.
  • Sensitive products up to 40,000 cp viscosity and fluids with solid particles are transferred.
  • The pump can work in any mounting position.
  • Pumps are supplied with trolley or platform.
  • Pump motor can be supplied with frequency converter.
  • The mechanical seal is optionally supplied in different types.
  • The standard pump body is made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Pump connections can be supplied optionally with sleeves or in DIN 11851, SMS IDF norms.

Propeller Features

  • Natural rubber (NR) – ideal for water-based fluids at room temperature and has high mechanical resistance.
  • Nitrile (NBR) – possible resistance to oils and fats
  • EPDM – ideal for hot fluids and CIP solutions, has excellent resistance to acidic and alkaline fluids.
  • Neoprene (CR) - good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Silicon (VMQ) -ideal for high temperature but low mechanical resistance.
  • The principle of easy assembly, alternative spare parts and the quality procedure applied during production allow us to activate a versatile and customizable product line for our customers.
  • Each pump series can be supplied with different types of impellers, seal, without motor, with electric or hydraulic motor, with trolley or platform, with mechanical variator and frequency converter.